Our APM solution is a new generation of tools centered on the user. The suite of applications provides the integration and unification of insights that allow you to see your applications and digital channels through the eyes of the end user.

User Insights

Provides real-time insights into the users’ experience and also makes it possible to:

• Compare and analyze the users’ experience on any channel, from the mobile app to the back-end, by means of a unified viewing screen;
• Transform any user action into a metric for the business, generating relevant business data;
• View the complete navigation history of any user, including their experience, history, and associated performance;
• Eliminate blind spots in any web application 2.0;
• Gain important insights by means of crash reports.

Synthetic Monitoring

Allows testing to gain valuable insights into the behavior of clients, in addition to:

• Monitoring the global performance of the web and mobile applications;
• View any network problem in seconds;
• Rreports from third-party service providers in real time;
• Load tests.

App-ware Network Insights

Unifies monitoring of web and network applications and allows you to:

• Identify and solve problems related to user experience, applications, and the network;
• Monitor the following applications: SAP, Citrix, Oracle EBS, database, MQ, and VoIP, among others;
• Prioritize IT problems based on the number of users affected;
• Understand the impact of web 2.0, public cloud, and third-party services;
• Proactively monitor any application based on availability and the SLA.
Application Insights

Created especially for developers, this tool allows you to:

• Monitor the infrastructure and its application environment via a unified screen;
• Gain insights into any problem, simple or complex, in seconds;
• Know which transactions are being impacted by infrastructure problems, and to correct those problems before the users are affected;
• Get the routing of any transaction, regardless of the path;
• View the logical topology of all of your services and routings in real time;

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