A military-grade encryptor for files and emails, made exclusively for corporate environments, with 100% domestic algorithms incorporating the most advanced techniques for cryptography as well as digital signatures – technology created and developed by Big Blue. Extremely fast and flexible, it is a totally new and effective concept in relation to distributing and transferring data.

The software was developed as much for government institutions as for medium and large private companies.

In a world of growing threats to information privacy, a data encryptor can guarantee any company the privacy necessary for continuity of business, even in the face of the most powerful means of espionage and invasion.

Basic Information

  • To avoid any unauthorized access to the contents of files or emails;
  • To allow a correct segregation of information inside and outside the company, governed by innovative and highly effective criteria (collective and individual criteria);
  • To enable great economy in the management of Digital Signatures, allowing more security and economy than conventional processes;
  • To be easy to use, allowing its dissemination to users at any level of technical knowledge;
  • To meet the most modern regulations of IT Governance, as well as the Federal Regulations that regulate Information Security.

CIFRA EXTREMA combines the most modern and secure encryption software, having various unique features in relation to the best international softwares, which makes it

Among them, we can point out:

  • Random rotating keys for each cryptography, varying between 24,576 and 32,768 bits – the largest and most secure keys on the global market;
  • An algorithm of blocks and symmetrical keys, 100% Brazilian, immune to attacks and spying from even the NSA;
  • Digital Signatures in a proprietary pattern, with no cost to create or revoke, from Certifying Authorities, totally counterfeit-proof – much more secure and economical;
  • Dissemination of data by Collective criteria (levels of Corporate Hierarchy + Confidentiality) or Individual criteria (Digital Signatures), restricted by sector and expiration date;
  • Authentication and Non-Repudiation in all encrypted files and messages making it possible to identify the origin (person, department, place, and date/time), blocking the dissemination of false information and phishing;
  • Date and time certificated by the National Observatory, blocking the proliferation of expired data and guaranteeing a 100% reliable historic registry;
  • Exclusive Safe-Keyboard for the entry of users, blocking any malicious program—present or future—from capturing login/password data;
  • Integration with MS-Outlook, allowing encrypted emails to be sent even by webmail. In addition, the messages remain encoded even after viewing by the addressee;
  • An Extremely rapid, easy to operate cryptography of any type or size of document, folder, or sub-folder. The files can be edited even when encrypted, but only by those so authorized, guaranteeing the maximum in agility and comfort;
  • No additional costs by quantity of files or emails encoded;
  • Not dependent on access management programs (like Active Directory), creating an additional layer of security;
  • Selective use of workstation TOKENS and 2-Factor Authorization by SMS, adding an additional layer of security to computers and users, with great flexibility and economy;
  • Workstation and user blocks, even at a distance, guaranteeing data safety even in cases of termination or theft of equipment;
  • Various LOG reports, allowing a trace-back at any time to Auditing or even to the Information Security department;
  • Licensing and Managing Module inside the company;
  • Optional modules for automated cryptography on servers and for implementing cryptography on pre-existing systems (.NET DLL);
  • An Appliance with all the logical structure necessary for simple and fast implementation; In 24 hours your company can already enjoy the benefits of data security currently demanded by any company facing modern-day threats;
  • 100% effective protection against hackers and malware – the same methodology used by governments, military, and intelligence agencies all over the world.

And much more.

For more details access: Cifra Extrema and Grupo Linkedin – Criptografia Brasil

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