Our Data Center solution, in Container or Modular, has characteristics and distinctions that bring undeniable operational and security benefits that are clearly tangible. The technology was developed to offer a suitable solution for a fair and competitive price to companies who opt to maintain their IT infrastructure in-house.

Our Data Center comes in the following configurations:

– CDC-20, in a 20´ft container with up to 6 (six) racks;

– CDC-40, in a 40´ft container with up to 14 (fourteen) racks;

– CDC-20/40 double, in two containers of 20´or 40´ft coupled, with up to 12 or 24 racks, respectively;

The elevated floor option for equipment such as mainframes;

The Modular Data Center solution is customized and can be fabricated to the size and with the number of racks that best suit the needs of our clients.

Basic Information:

  • Energy capacity of 10KVA per rack;
  • Physical protection against fire, water, and dust;
  • High-intensity LED illumination;
  • Dual electrical feed system for the racks;
  • Structured cabling system;
  • Redundant UPS system;
  • Dual energy feed with redundant ATS;
  • Redundant precision climate-control system;
  • Fire detection and suppression system;
  • Dual access control system;
  • Closed-Circuit surveillance system (CCTV);
  • 24X7X365 monitoring system.

The Big Blue Data Center also has special systems for fire, refrigeration, security, and emergency. Learn more:

Fire Detection and Extinguishment

  • An aspirating laser smoke detector (VESDA), 1,000 times more sensitive than smart smoke detectors;
  • Detects the beginning of a fire hours before any flames;
  • Local alarms via web, email, telephone, and SMS;
  • Fire suppression by ECARO-25®, FM200®, or Novec™ systems;
  • Manual or automatic triggering (local or remote);
  • Non-toxic system.

Regrigeration capacity

  • Up to four redundant machines (N+1);
  • Machines with automatic control;
  • Load balancing and automatic usage;
  • SNMP Monitoring.

Security System

  • Dual-verification access control (main door);
  • Surveillance system with two outside cameras and two inside cameras;
  • Doors with sensors;
  • SNMP Monitoring.

Emergency exits

  • Two doors with anti-panic bar in the cold corridor;
  • One door with anti-panic bar in the hot corridor.


Container Data Center
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