The use of document management, as much for the ecological appeal, agility, and transparency as for the economy in the handling and the processing of documents, has become very significant, especially for large organizations and public entities.

However, having a work tool that integrates people and organizations that is ruled by good corporate governance practices is absolutely essential to the health of any organization, large or medium-sized, public or private.

The exaggerated and indiscriminate use of paper tends to be rapidly eliminated and is increasingly seen as disregarding a company’s socio-environmental responsibility.

In the policies of any administrator, the costs associated with using paper as data support are undesirable. These are costs that can be minimized to the extreme, whose benefits are not only on the financial aspect, but encompass improved quality, efficiency, and efficacy.

Big Blue’s GED/ECM solution is a complete solution to the document management of any organization, whether public or private, with the added value of Brazilian cryptography with no back door, which guarantees the maximum data security for our clients.


– Integrated with Cifra Extrema, a Brazilian cryptography that is already consolidated;
– Integrated with the main text editors on the market;
– Electronic signature for documents and/or individual users;
– Allows the creation of virtual folders or documental processes;
– Manageable automatic numbering of documents and processes;
– Enables the handling of encrypted documents and processes between people, departments, and organizations;
– Uses a visual editor to diagram flows;
– Generates centralized or sectoral protocols.



– Digitizes by scanner or mobile device, encrypting as it captures;
– Archives already encrypted electronic documents
– Allows the use of Digital Certificates and enables the users to encrypt their documents directly at their workstations.


– Logically organizes, controls access, and handles documents;
– Manages files based on e-Arq archival science;
– Tracks activities.


– Stores encrypted documents centrally;
– Attributes temporality and optimizes space.


– Provides and guarantees data recovery.


– Accurately and rapidly distributes to the right people;
– Automates operational processes.

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